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Our properties offer first-rate amenities. Outstanding amenities are what separate our properties from the rest. Some places offer nothing more than a mattress on the floor, that is not our idea of Amenities. Having lived in the United States for a number of years, we not only know what is expected in flats by Americans, British, and others, but have the ability to communicate not only with you in English, but also with any maintenance and support staff should the need arise.

Contact us for a tour of any of our featured properties. (See the Contact Us Page)

Our featured properties offer the following amenities:

  • Large Beds, in larger rooms of course.
  • Desk
  • Chair for Desk
  • Lamp
  • Couch and/or Overstuffed Chair in some rooms
  • Wardrobe or Clothing Rack
  • Coffee Table in some rooms
  • All Utilities included in Rent (Water, Elec., Gas, Sewer, etc. with average usage. *)
  • Access to Washing Machine, Drying Rack, etc. (Dryers are not common.)
  • Kitchen (fully equipped with all the basics) (Dishwashers are not common.)
  • Refrigerator, Microwave, Kettle, Toaster etc. in most flats


Are there sheets and towels?

Yes, and no. The apartments come fully equipped with sheets, no towels (you should bring your own towel). There is no daily linen service, unless contracted separately.

What should I bring that  I would not need to bring if I were staying at a hotel?

Nothing. The apartments offer the same comforts  as a hotel. For ecological reasons, our apartments do not provide toiletries by default (shampoo, bath gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.). If you wish, you may request them when making your reservation, or simply bring your own.

How can I make a reservation?

Simply complete the online questionnaire, following the link on the contact us tab, and then we will contact you with more information. At that time you can let us know which property you are interested, and for who long you wish to stay. We will agree upon a price with you, and you can complete the payment using PayPal, or bank transfer, when you are ready. We will receive an e-mail confirmation of your payment via PayPal once it is completed and accepted by us.

Is there a minimum or maximum length of stay?

Yes, the min. would be 30 days. It is sometimes possible to get a shorter stay, but it would need to be agreed on in advance, and may or may not reduce your costs. Feel free to ask us about this availability if needed. Since you must only give a 30 day notice to leave, no long term contacts, you could move in today, give notice tomorrow, and leave 30 days later, though we prefer long term guests.

Can I reserve a specific apartment or only the type?

Yes. We rent specific apartments so that you may select the one of your choice from among those available. If needed, we do reserve the right to change the apartment for one of equal or superior quality, without the client’s right to claim damages, but this is very, very rare. (It has only happened once, due to reconstruction purposes.)

Should I make a reservation now?

Yes. Apartments/flats/rooms whichever, can go very quickly during certain parts of the year, especially as the Sept./Oct. season approach. If you don't know for sure which date, etc. you can simply pay a 4000 CZK reservation fee, and we will promise to have a place for you upon your arrival. If you wish to pick a certain place, and/or confirm a specific date of arrival, that is best. At the time you are ready to do that you can simply pay the first months rent, and the security deposit (equal to one months rent) (less the 4000 CZK if you have already paid that) and the reservation will be confirmed for your stay upon your arrival. The flat will then be removed from the availability list during the time you have reserved, and removed from online advertising, etc.

Will I have to pay a deposit or guarantee?

Yes, as explained previously, it is equal to one months rent. Before we hand over the keys to you, we should have your first months rent paid as well as the security deposit. This Security Deposit or guarantee can be paid in cash or by credit card or bank transfer, and yes, now even PayPal, (Sorry, not by bitcoin yet.) It will be returned to you within 30 days of your departure in compliance with Czech law, assuming there is no outstanding rent, debts, damage or excessive utility usage, etc. Normal usage wear and tear is acceptable, but all others may result in a deduction from this Security Deposit or guarantee. (It is possible to pay out the deposit in a couple payments, with prior arrangements).

Are there any extra charge to pay which is not stated on this site?

No. All the charges (stay, taxes …) are included in the price, so that there will be no last minute surprises.

Will I be responsible for cleaning the apartment at the end of the stay?

Yes, the responsibility is yours to have the apartment cleaned, as well as all linens, dishes, etc. and ready for the next tenant upon your departure. This is your responsibility regardless of the condition of the room upon your arrival. We can arrange a cleaning service for you on a weekly, every other week, or monthly  basis for you if you wish, and we can also arrange the cleaning upon departure if you don't want to worry or mess with it. All at a good rate as well if you wish.

Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes,  However, a cancellation would incur additional costs on a case by case basis, so please be sure you are dedicated when you make your reservation. Likewise, it is sometimes possible to receive a small discount when paying multiple months in advance as well.

Are pets allowed?

Yes,  but only in some apartments, and with consent of current flat-mates, etc. Prior permission is required for pets, and there is an additional security deposits etc. required for a pet, depending on the type, as well as an additional 1000 CZK cleaning charged added for the final cleaning and room disinfection, etc. after your departure regardless of the type of animal or conditions.

Is there internet/Wi-Fi in all the apartments? How does it work?

Yes, in most properties Wi-Fi is available at no additional charge. It is not included in the fee, and this offer could end at any time, but advance notice is usually given in the rare event it is to be withdrawn. Upon your completed payment of first months rent and security deposit, you should request the ID and Password for this connection, so you will have it upon your arrival without difficulty. Should you require a physical Ethernet cable connection, you must seek permission first before connection, and a small fee could  be charged.

Is breakfast or any other meal included?

No, The price of the stay does not include breakfast or any other meals. If you wish, you may contract the  Full Fridge service whereby you can request the basic food products you require before your arrival and find them in place when your apartment is handed over to you.  Please ask for more info by e-mail if this appeals to you.

Is there a reception? What should I do in an emergency?

No,  since we are not a hotel or hostel, we do not have an actual reception but do provide a 24-hour telephone assistance service in the event of an Emergency. On your arrival, you will be given a telephone number which you may call for any query, problem or emergency during 24 hrs per day.

How do I find my way to the apartment?

Your apartment address is provided before your reservation but can be provided again at any time, as well as a link to google maps for your easy navigation. Whether arriving by plane, train, or bus  we can offer you a taxi service to fetch you on arrival and accompany you to your apartment for a small additional fee if you prefer this over public transportation. Or, we can meet you there, and help you to learn to navigate the public transit system. Please note that you should contract this service when making your reservation so that there is plenty of time to make the arrangements. At least 7 days are  required for these services.

When and how will I receive the keys?

When you arrive in Prague, a member of our staff will come to hand over the keys at the previously agreed upon time and place. We should agree upon this time and place at the time of your reservation so that plans can be made for an easy transition for you during your arrival. We want your arrival to be as easy and stress free as possible, so often times the key hand over is a the same location you have rented when possible.

What is the procedure for returning the keys on the last day?

On the departure day, a member of the staff will come to collect the keys at the time we agree upon. You should coordinate with us for the handing over of the keys between 8:00am and 9:00pm except where an exception has already been given. On the final handing over of keys, the room and flat will be inspected and keys collected. Confirmation of payment methods, and information, will be shared at that time for the refund of the Security Deposit or guarantee, which will be completed as soon as possible, but within 30 days as required. In the rare event you must leave and we have not been able to meet together, please wash and dry your linens, and remake the bed, empty the trash, and clean up the room if you have not already paid for this service to be done for you. You may leave anything you wish to share with others or don't want to take with you on the table or desk and lock your door upon departure. Drop your keys into your mailbox, and we will collect them later that day.


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